6 techniques to conquer a woman

6 techniques to conquer a woman

You like a woman, you interest her, she shows it to you, you start flirting. Her hormones making a crazy party and your testosterone is turning red. Your mind is already beginning to dream about the end of the night.

Do not rush, because that is where most people step on it. Where everything seems certain, there is where it can collapse.A wrong move, maybe an attack that you have not “weighed” properly and the game will be lost in seconds.

Like any game, in flirt you need to have strategy to lead you to victory. We have mapped the critical stages of your new adventure and the trap points. Now, we can  present you with a complete technical plan that will lead you quickly to a guaranteed glorious conquest.

Technique 1: The voluntary departure

In the initial phase of the acquaintance, the first role is mainly played by the eyes. According to the journalist and author of How to Blow her Mind in Bed, Sisky Green, flirting increases the production of dopamine, which pushes you to desire and seek satisfaction, jointly puts you on the “right path”.

A recent study by the University of Sao Paulo, showed that this substance keeps you focused on your goal, while stimulating the production of extra testosterone. But if you want this meeting to have an interesting sequel, look to tame your hormones.

So contrary to what almost all men do when they know a woman, you preferred to say goodbye to her and leave while you are still having a good time. The fact that you have no aspirations to take her to bed from the first night, automatically transforms you into a challenge.

Tell her, for example, that unfortunately you have to leave with your friends, but that you would like to continue the conversation at another time. He will hardly refuse. You have just secured an appointment without falling into the mistake of asking for her phone like a liar.

Technique 2: The casual date

She is naturally waiting for you to call her to ask her out on a classic and uninspiring first date for dinner at an expensive restaurant, usually Friday or Saturday night. The trick is not to be predictable and make her try to guess what your next move will be.

Arrange a relaxed and quick meeting “to know us better” somewhere in the middle of the week and not necessarily after sunset, so that he feels even more familiar with you, without pressure and, most importantly, without either of you getting into the process of impressing the other.

Technique 3: Make her keep talking to you

The first night you go out you will have a nervousness, whether you like it or not. Sisky Green points out that one of your hormones is to blame for the above symptom: cortisol upsets you by stimulating your nervous system.

Not bad if you consider that research from Stony Brook University in the US states that people get aroused more easily when they are nervous.

In an attempt to hide the stress, many men self-destruct from the first date doing what they know best: they talk incessantly about themselves, to the point where the interlocutor (typical characterization) is desperately looking for the nearest emergency exit. The first time, try to ask more questions than answer hers, looking into her eyes as much as you can, not right or left.

Technique 4: Give priority to her language

The first kiss is an information exchange system, something like Linkedin, but in a biochemical version. For her, it is the time of your judgment, which will predispose her erotically to what is to follow. Psychologists claim that if the first kiss is a “map”, the chances of having sex are reduced to 50%.

The best time for the first kiss, however, is towards the end of the night, after you have eaten and drank and you have managed to put a chewing gum in your mouth.

Do not rush to speak, because you have the tendency, as shown by a study from the University of California, according to which men prefer “French” kisses, and this is because their saliva contains testosterone. Let her look for your language and then play.

Technique 5: Sex is about her

Although some things are taken for granted, it is worth noting. As much as you are sure of yourself, we imagine that for a shower, a little perfume and a trimming in the controversial points you will have provided. Being well-groomed and refreshed will be appreciated. Keep in mind that for women their first time in bed with someone is hardly described as “fantastic”.

Therefore, it would be wise in the beginning to behave modestly and avoid unfolding your talent as much as you want. Things change dramatically after the end of the first act. The reason; Oxytocin “pops” them differently in you and differently in her. Commonly, it increases its estrogen and lowers your testosterone. In other words, after the first time she feels closer to you.

This justifies the fact that most women want hugs and hugs. You, on the other hand, will want to sleep. Do not do it. Instead, try to outdo yourself and show tenderness. Apart from the beautiful feeling that you will give her, there is another reason to do it: physical contact after sex increases your dopamine and then your chances for an extra batch.

Technique 6th: Loose

After the first time the landscape begins to clear. As much as you believe the opposite, men fall in love twice as fast as women. If you end up going out with her often, do not behave like a bond from the first time. In other words, do not start planning immediately.

There is no greater alienation. Be the one who makes her have a good time, who does not restrict her, who does not require strict commitments. Be the one who gets along well with her and whatever happens. In the beginning, a short and pleasant phone call a day is enough. After four or five appointments the thing will have taken its course.

Hope we presend you a variety of technics that will make your dreams come true. Now, there is nothing else that going outside and try to put them in action. Qonquer every woman that you want.

How to Travel to Santorini with Children


How to Travel to Santorini with Children

Santorini isn’t precisely what I would call a kid-friendly destination (keep reading to learn). But that doesn’t imply you should not take a Santorini trip with your children. There’s no denying exactly how stunning Santorini is: with white-washed houses perched precariously on craggy hillsides, ignoring the indigo sea. Plus there’s so many new things you can discover there: from the formation of volcanoes to Greek mythology. It is more easy to book Santorini Tours and have everything organised before-head.

Should You Travel to Santorini with Children?

To start with, you need to recognize that Santorini’s natural topography isn’t especially suitable for children. Most of the attractive communities are piled on hilltops, which indicates there are narrow pathways as well as high actions anywhere you go. It’s really bothersome if you need to travel with baby strollers.

Always remember that Santorini attracts lots of honeymooners and romance-seeking couples that aren’t exactly curious about socializing with children. Expect to have people eyeballing you and also your kids. As a result of this charming atmosphere in Santorini, a lot of the holiday accommodations on the island are shop resorts with little as well as stylish spaces, rather than huge family members suites.

That claimed, the island has lots of great swimming spots as well as children would love the watercraft trip around the caldera (where you obtain swim in the volcanic thermal spring). There are likewise great deals of family members and children around. My child made several brand-new close friends in our journey, and she had a great time!

When to Travel to Santorini with Children?

The very best time to go to Santorini is springtime or autumn (April-May and September – October), when the cruise liner are fewer and there is less crowd. The weather condition is excellent for swimming from late May to very early October. Beyond these months, the coastline towns will be really quiet as well as the weather condition generally isn’t consistently warm enough for swimming.

You can always book some Santorini Private Tours and explore with your children different places everyday!

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Techniques to Stimulate the Erogenous Zones


Techniques to Stimulate the Erogenous Zones

And here we are at the final part of the guide to the female erogenous zones. This is where you will learn the different stimulation techniques that drive women wild. Let’s face it: any accomplished lover has to master these techniques in order to earn the respect and love of women and the envy of less skilled men.

The study of erogenous zones teaches the good student what works and why and enables him to make techniques up on the fly. The biggest problem with sex is that men assume that women like the same things that they do. Men love to have their penises touched, fondled and sucked any time, provided a five seconds notice is given.

Women, on the other hand, don’t like to have their genitals touched just like that. They are not ready for action at all times and do not appreciate it when men get right into the thick of it without bothering to get the lady aroused. This is not good manners, if you know what I mean. So the basic idea is to get the woman into the mood by stimulating all the sensitive spots that we have discussed before. Men can always start experiment with an athens escort or athens escorts.

After the customary wining and dining, or whatever your approach is, enter the foreplay mode. I know that some guys find foreplay boring and think that driving her home should be considered part of it. But this is the exact point where they miss all the fun. Foreplay is about exploration and pleasure. Lying on the couch in the same position for 10 minutes and kissing is bad foreplay.

Women like to be kissed all over, but you shouldn’t make it look like a chore. at you cannot learn from articles and books is how to judge the individual situations. This you will have to learn yourself. Women like to be kissed all over, but you shouldn’t make it look like a chore.

Women like to see they’re able to drive men crazy, but don’t be obsessed only by her body. It will insult her intelligence. If something you do is not working, change it. Don’t spend a minute kissing a spot that the woman doesn’t care about. And if she tells you to stop in a serious voice, don’t assume that she’s joking. Stop whatever it is you’re doing and talk to her.

Always read the body signs. The only things you can do to any erogenous zone are to kiss it, lick it or caress it. Her body will tell you if she likes what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. She’ll try to guide you toward getting the best stimulation possible, but she won’t use words every time. Pay attention to her movements.

Maybe that squirming is not pleasure but an attempt to get a better position or to change your angle of approach. Learn all you can from these articles and then go and experiment everything. Be firm, but not pushy, be in control, but not domineering, be attentive, but not bookish and be gentle, but not a pushover. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself while giving her a lot of pleasure. Otherwise it has no use, has it?

Asking the lady or an athens escort or athens escorts, if she would teach you how to please her by masturbating in front of you is hot foreplay. The only thing that you cannot learn from articles and books is how to judge the individual situations. This you will have to learn yourself.

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How To Find A Plumber Near You


How To Find A Plumber Near You

Is it safe to say that you are searching for a good plumber? Finding a good plumber is, in reality, a troublesome assignment as tricksters attempt to hoodwink the clients. The following are some ways by which you can discover proficient plumbers.

We had interviewed George Papadopoulos from 24Hours Handymen in Athens, Greece and he gave us 4 helpful advices about how to find a plumber near you.

Who are 24 Hours Handymen?

24hours Handymen is a group of handymen specialising in plumbing (υδραυλικοί in greek), electricians, repairmen etc. They offer quality services and l met them when l rent an appartment in Athens last year, via AirBnb.

After a major problem in the home sewage, l called them and they managed to carry out the job instantly. So, to thank them in retrospect, l write this post.

Here are the most effective method to locate a Plumber

1. Business catalogue

The business catalogue is the best wellspring of data for discovering plumbers or pipes firms. Check the business repository and search for plumbers in your general vicinity. Note down the contact subtleties and call up the pipes firm. Guarantee that you request cites before focusing on a specific organization. This will assist you with getting the most minimal costs conceivable.

2. Family and Friends

You can likewise approach companions or relatives for suggestions on plumbers. Get some information about their experience of working with that pipes organization. Word more often than not voyages quick when individuals are discontent with a specific pipes administration or firm. Individuals near you will never give wrong guidance. Waitlist an individual everybody proposes or suggests.

3. Check Websites

Check the site of the pipes organization before touching base at a choice. Peruse through the administrations offered by the firm. Correspondingly, check whether the firm gives any statements on their site. It is smarter to abstain from picking a firm if it has a terrible site. Furthermore, see whether the firm is experienced and has the required permit and accreditation. Never plumber that does not have a permit and accreditation.

4. Council of Commerce

You can likewise visit your Chamber of Commerce to discover some data on surely understood plumbers. Check if they have embraced any plumber on their site. The assembly of trade typically records down the organizations which have notoriety and are ideal for working with. You can likewise contact your manufacturer or nearby developer relationship for proposals on great plumbers.