6 techniques to conquer a woman

6 techniques to conquer a woman

You like a woman, you interest her, she shows it to you, you start flirting. Her hormones making a crazy party and your testosterone is turning red. Your mind is already beginning to dream about the end of the night.

Do not rush, because that is where most people step on it. Where everything seems certain, there is where it can collapse.A wrong move, maybe an attack that you have not “weighed” properly and the game will be lost in seconds.

Like any game, in flirt you need to have strategy to lead you to victory. We have mapped the critical stages of your new adventure and the trap points. Now, we can  present you with a complete technical plan that will lead you quickly to a guaranteed glorious conquest.

Technique 1: The voluntary departure

In the initial phase of the acquaintance, the first role is mainly played by the eyes. According to the journalist and author of How to Blow her Mind in Bed, Sisky Green, flirting increases the production of dopamine, which pushes you to desire and seek satisfaction, jointly puts you on the “right path”.

A recent study by the University of Sao Paulo, showed that this substance keeps you focused on your goal, while stimulating the production of extra testosterone. But if you want this meeting to have an interesting sequel, look to tame your hormones.

So contrary to what almost all men do when they know a woman, you preferred to say goodbye to her and leave while you are still having a good time. The fact that you have no aspirations to take her to bed from the first night, automatically transforms you into a challenge.

Tell her, for example, that unfortunately you have to leave with your friends, but that you would like to continue the conversation at another time. He will hardly refuse. You have just secured an appointment without falling into the mistake of asking for her phone like a liar.

Technique 2: The casual date

She is naturally waiting for you to call her to ask her out on a classic and uninspiring first date for dinner at an expensive restaurant, usually Friday or Saturday night. The trick is not to be predictable and make her try to guess what your next move will be.

Arrange a relaxed and quick meeting “to know us better” somewhere in the middle of the week and not necessarily after sunset, so that he feels even more familiar with you, without pressure and, most importantly, without either of you getting into the process of impressing the other.

Technique 3: Make her keep talking to you

The first night you go out you will have a nervousness, whether you like it or not. Sisky Green points out that one of your hormones is to blame for the above symptom: cortisol upsets you by stimulating your nervous system.

Not bad if you consider that research from Stony Brook University in the US states that people get aroused more easily when they are nervous.

In an attempt to hide the stress, many men self-destruct from the first date doing what they know best: they talk incessantly about themselves, to the point where the interlocutor (typical characterization) is desperately looking for the nearest emergency exit. The first time, try to ask more questions than answer hers, looking into her eyes as much as you can, not right or left.

Technique 4: Give priority to her language

The first kiss is an information exchange system, something like Linkedin, but in a biochemical version. For her, it is the time of your judgment, which will predispose her erotically to what is to follow. Psychologists claim that if the first kiss is a “map”, the chances of having sex are reduced to 50%.

The best time for the first kiss, however, is towards the end of the night, after you have eaten and drank and you have managed to put a chewing gum in your mouth.

Do not rush to speak, because you have the tendency, as shown by a study from the University of California, according to which men prefer “French” kisses, and this is because their saliva contains testosterone. Let her look for your language and then play.

Technique 5: Sex is about her

Although some things are taken for granted, it is worth noting. As much as you are sure of yourself, we imagine that for a shower, a little perfume and a trimming in the controversial points you will have provided. Being well-groomed and refreshed will be appreciated. Keep in mind that for women their first time in bed with someone is hardly described as “fantastic”.

Therefore, it would be wise in the beginning to behave modestly and avoid unfolding your talent as much as you want. Things change dramatically after the end of the first act. The reason; Oxytocin “pops” them differently in you and differently in her. Commonly, it increases its estrogen and lowers your testosterone. In other words, after the first time she feels closer to you.

This justifies the fact that most women want hugs and hugs. You, on the other hand, will want to sleep. Do not do it. Instead, try to outdo yourself and show tenderness. Apart from the beautiful feeling that you will give her, there is another reason to do it: physical contact after sex increases your dopamine and then your chances for an extra batch.

Technique 6th: Loose

After the first time the landscape begins to clear. As much as you believe the opposite, men fall in love twice as fast as women. If you end up going out with her often, do not behave like a bond from the first time. In other words, do not start planning immediately.

There is no greater alienation. Be the one who makes her have a good time, who does not restrict her, who does not require strict commitments. Be the one who gets along well with her and whatever happens. In the beginning, a short and pleasant phone call a day is enough. After four or five appointments the thing will have taken its course.

Hope we presend you a variety of technics that will make your dreams come true. Now, there is nothing else that going outside and try to put them in action. Qonquer every woman that you want.

Why my drains smell so bad?


If a horrible stink is originating from your drains pipes, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue.

What’s the reason?

It could just be bacteria or a blockage, or it could be something extra severe like a drain gas leak. When you smell something off coming from your drains, do some sleuth job to root out the resource. Right here are a few of the most common factors your drain could create you to connect your nose. Some have straightforward DIY options. Others require a specialist plumbing professional apofraxeis vyronas.

If you’re getting a sewage system scent originating from one of your sink or shower drains pipes, it is likely a couple of causes:

  1. Something is incorrect with the catch.
  2. A build-up of raw material.

In very uncommon cases it can be something else, like mould or even a dead pet in the walls close to the drains. Let’s hold our noses and explore one of the most usual reasons in even more information. At the same time, run any kind of exhaust fans as well as open up any home windows in the room. If the problem is real sewage system gas, it’s not only unpleasant it can be hazardous if it accumulates way too much.

The Sewage System Gas Trap

All drains pipes have– or should have (extra on this later)– a reduced bend called a trap. The bend encounters downwards, and water accumulates therein, obstructing the sewage system gasses from emerging from the drain. Gravity holds the water in place, as well as it is revitalized every time you run the tap.

There are a number of points that might be incorrect with the catch.

1. There might be a leakage from the trap, allowing the water to run away. To see if a leak is the cause, look for indicators of water under the sink. If the scent is coming from a shower drainpipe, check for signs of a leak on the floor below. Check out the ceiling as well as walls and search for discolouration or altered appearances.

2. The water could have simply evaporated from the catch if you have not made use of any water in weeks. This can be a nasty surprise for individuals that come home from long trips. If there are no indicators of a leak, try putting some water down the drainpipe to fill the trap. You’ll have to wait a while to see if it worked, as the area will currently contain the smell.

3. In some older residences, it’s feasible a trap was never installed. Only a plumber can confirm this for sure as well as install one if required.

Raw material

If the trap is great, you might have a build-up of natural sludge in the catch and/or on the within the drain pipes.

In time deposit from all of the soap, tooth paste, food scraps, grease as well as various other things we took down our drains pipes accumulates on the inside of the pipeline. It can likewise accumulate on the inside wall surfaces of the plumbing, drawing in microorganisms which feed on it as well as increase. This can be an advantage, as long as it stays in check as well as does not narrow the size of the pipe too much. If there is too much develop, nevertheless, a poor scent or even a drainpipe blockage can result.

If the smelly drain is in the shower, the usual reason is a develop of hair in the drainpipe trap. If it’s very easy to lift the drainpipe cover you may be able to reach in with pliers and also pull out the hair on your own. Don’t utilize your fingers as there can be sharp sides. The important point is not to press it down– the clump might capture somewhere else additionally down in your pipes and start a clog. If the drainpipe cover does not come off easily you will need to call a plumbing professional.

Repair Tips

With kitchen area sink build-up the usual wrongdoer is allowing way too much oil and food to drop the drain. Try these repairs:

  • Put a kettle of boiling thin down the drainpipe.
  • If that doesn’t function, spray 1/4 mug cooking soda in the drainpipe as well as enable it to rest for a couple of mins. Follow up with 1/4 cup white vinegar and wait once again. After a few minutes, add hot water.
  • We do not advise individuals attempt as well as open up the traps listed below sinks and tidy them out themselves. We’ve been employed way too many times to rescue DIYers who got stuck halfway with the work, or who were incapable to reattach the catch tightly enough to stop leakages. Conserve on your own some grief as well as call a plumbing professional.

Whatever you do, please don’t make use of Drano or various other harsh chemicals. They don’t just strike natural accumulation, they assault pipelines also. Drano deteriorates pipes and can lead to leaks if utilized often enough.

Not All Germs Are Bad

Germophobes may not like this concept, yet your house’s pipes really benefits from some germs, much like your body uses some microorganisms to assist you absorb food. As stated above, these germs absorb the natural scum that accumulates in the pipes, and actually do you a favour.

If you’re searching for a natural way to assist the process along, BioOne is a natural drainpipe treatment that adds non-smelly bacteria to your drainpipe. They go to function eating all the cruds in there, and also maintain your drains clear. Best of all BioOne doesn’t harm your pipes. A cupful in each drainpipe every month will certainly maintain them without build-up, as long as you’re not putting too much hair or food down the tubes.

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Where To Find Economic Wedding Dresses

Where To Find Economic Wedding Dresses

Where To Find Economic Wedding Dresses

If you do not want to invest too much money on your wedding event dress, read on! Do not stress, as you can still buy a gorgeous, classy wedding event dress at Fashion Kalogirou even if you have a spending plan.

Here are some ideas for you and some places to aim to save money on your wedding dress:

– Your Mother’s Wedding Dress. Some bride-to-bes love the dress their Mom used when she got wed, and select to utilize once again, when they get married. If you enjoy your Mom’s dress, and she is going to let you use it, you remain in luck. All you might have to spend for are some changes and cleaning, instead of paying for a whole new wedding dress.

Deals are all over; remember to look for them and to ask for them. Look for clearance racks at bridal stores, ask about when sales are – you may discover out that your perfect gown there is on sale right now!

And do look at the department stores even if you are trying to find something a bit more official. You never know what you can find sometimes.

– Sales and Clearances at Department Stores. Especially if you are trying to find a cocktail dress, department stores may be a great place to look. Often special occasion gowns get discounted a lot, and you can buy a really pretty wedding dress for under $100.

– Online Stores and Sales. Look for bridal gown online, consisting of online web stores and auctions. Often you can get a far better deal online, then you would ever discover at shops.

Good luck with finding that ideal dress. When you have a concept about the dress that you are searching for, along with the price variety you want to pay, you should be able to discover that ideal dress.

If you don’t desire to invest too much more on your wedding event gown, check out on! Specifically if you are looking for formal wedding event dresses, department stores might be a fantastic place to look. Sometimes unique celebration dresses get discounted a lot, and you can buy an extremely quite wedding gown for under $100.

Browse for wedding dresses online, consisting of online web shops and auctions.

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What to Do While You Wait for Plumbing Emergency Service


What to Do While You Wait for Plumbing Emergency Service

Plumbing emergencies happen, and usually at the most inconvenient and expensive times.

When a plumbing disaster happens after business hours or on a weekend, the temptation is great to wait till Monday morning and avoid the after-hour surcharge. Plumbers (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ) provide 24hours plumbing emergency service, but the company understand that sometimes it’s just not practical to get a plumber there immediately.

Depending on your plumbing emergency, you may be able to do some emergency intervention to keep things from getting much worse while you wait. Whether your emergency is a clogged toilet, a slow drain or broken pipes gushing water in your basement, there are some things you can and should do while you wait for the plumber to arrive.

 Stop the Flow

The most pressing emergency most homeowners face is a broken pipe filling your basement, kitchen or bathroom with water. If you suddenly have cascades of water pouring down from your ceiling or out from under your sink, the first order of business is to stop the flow, says the pros plumber.

The plumbing service recommends that you try to visually locate the leak, then track the pipe back to the closest shut off valve. It may be behind the toilet, under the sink or located close to places where pipes branch off in your basement or wall access. Turn it clockwise to turn off the flow of water into the leaking pipe. A word of warning – if it doesn’t turn easily, don’t force it. Instead, try a shut-off valve further along the line.

 Put a Bucket Under It

If the problem is a slow leak at a faucet or pipe joint, but the drain is flowing well, you can probably get by with a bucket or basin directly under the leaky joint. Limit your use of the drain, or of the water source that draws from the leaky pipe to avoid worsening the leak.

If you can do without it entirely until the plumber arrives, find the closest shut-off valve and shut it off. A slow drip can usually wait over the weekend, but don’t delay any longer than that, say the Fort Worth plumbing emergency service, or you could find yourself with a major emergency at an even worse time.

 Ask for Advice

While no plumber will even attempt to diagnose your plumbing emergency over the telephone, most will advise you on common emergency measures you can take while you wait for the cavalry to arrive.

When you call plumbing emergency service, explain your situation clearly and ask what you can do to limit the damage until the plumber arrives.

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Finland’s Down’s model Maija makes strides on catwalk

Finland's Down's model Maija makes strides on catwalk

Finland’s Down’s model Maija makes strides on catwalk

Our society certainly does not treat people with Down’s syndrome the same as 50 years ago. They enter universities, work normally, become athletes, even models.

The fashion industry reads the need for people with motor or mental problems to be represented in the catwalks or advertisements and opens up the modelling doors more and more often to people who do not meet the classic criteria.

This of course does not mean that we have not yet a long way to go before people with disabilities feel equal members of our society.

But stories like Maija Mattila, the Finnish-Nigerian woman with Down syndrome certainly make us more optimistic.

Maija catwalked

Today, Maija is a model of the international fashion agency WeSpeak, which encourages people to love themselves and their bodies.

She has catwalked into New York Fashion Week, starred in H & M campaign and became a cover for Teen Vogue.

She has more than 150,000 followers at Instagram and she hopes her modelling career will inspire other people to feel good about themselves and chase their dreams.

Maija believes people with Down syndrome are not adequately represented in many areas, and fashion is one of them. She explains that the achievements of people with Down syndrome should inspire the fashion world.

Maija’s Gymnastics

She says: “I do the gymnastics as long as I remember myself. I feel like it has always been a part of my life, I think gymnastics taught me to be disciplined and to work hard.

In the gymnastics, every new skill takes time – sometimes years! I think it gave me confidence.”

However, every time she applied to a modelling agency, the answer was always negative because fashion does not accept people with Down syndrome.

Yet she and her parents did not give up… and eventually, Finland’s Down’s model Maija makes strides on catwalk!


Valentino: The Story of a Fashion Designer Legend

Valentino: The Story of a Fashion Designer Legend

Valentino: The story of a fashion designer legend

Valentino was born in Voghera, Italy, on May 11, 1932. His full name is Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani and his clothes are known for their femininity and romantism.

He studied to be a fashion designer and he learned French at the Academia Dell Arte in Milan and later continued his studies in Paris.


His first job was next to tailor Jean Desses in 1950, while he was only eighteen years old!

Valentino returned to Rome in the early sixties and opened his first atelier. He became known for his long skirts, the time when the Minis were in vogue.

It was the “Dolce Vita” time. A lot of Hollywood actresses went to Rome to make movies. They quickly discovered Valentino and determined his reputation in the fashion industry. On July 31, 1960, Valentino met the partner – and his partner – Giancarlo Giametti.

Giametti soon assumed the position of CEO of Valentino’s commercial development consultant. To 1967, in Dallas, Texas, he was awarded the Neiman Marcus Award, a prize equivalent to an Oscar, in the fashion industry.

The great recognition, however, comes in 1969 with the collection “White Collection”. With short dresses combined with lace socks and straight shoes. This collection shows the “V” logo for the first time on the buttons, pockets and accessories.

His clothes are being shown in TIME and LIFE magazines and his, already, brilliant circle of customers is growing and includes some of the most important women in the world such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor, Farah Diba, Marella Agnelli, the Begum Aga Khan and others.

On September 4, 2007, Valentino, after the demonstration of his Ηaute Couture collection in Paris, announces that he is leaving the fashion field. Today, chief designer of the house is Maria Grazia Chiuri, who had worked for several years near Valentino before being asked to take over the house.


Valentino: The Story of a Fashion Designer Legend

How to identify a Valentino design

I find it easier to identify a Monet (the famous Dutch painter), than to identify a Valentino design, so l spotted some basic points were Valentino stands out from the other fashion designers.

Valentino bets on two things:

  • Τhe charm and femininity of the dresses.
  • “Advertising” from world-renowned personalities.

The most important thing in his collections is his ability to show the beauty of a woman’s body through elegance and unique designs. Designing creative and elegant clothes for beautiful, sensual and interesting women, using mostly black, white and red color in his fashion collections, is his way to individualize himself.

Red Colour

Always sunny and well-groomed, with its characteristic red tide in his collections, Valentino seems to have the magic stick for decades and whatever he touches turns into gold …

” Red is a colour that is not shy” the designer told Marie Clare, adding that it was inspired by a visit to the opera when he was younger. “

The whole set was red – the flowers, the costumes — and l said to myself, “I want to keep this colour in my life.”


Valentino: The Story of a Fashion Designer Legend

Evening dresses

The fantasy of the sewing that faithfully ”serves” Valentino has acquired a reality, a more everyday dimension through the look of designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, depicted by the fashion elite in Paris. The designer decided to think of certain people in their own paradise, such as Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech, and to capture this dream in his spring collection, always respecting the principles of Maison Valentino.

The show opened the 90s goddess, Kristen McMenamy with a black parachute-dress, followed by a series of black dresses until the designer uncovered a big party of mini dresses with wings, huge straw hats and playful accessories…

Romance in every creation

His houses have been photographed in fashion magazines, over and over again, as ideal sceneries for a fairytale life. Rome, Paris, Gstaad. Impressive spaces, with bohemian wrapping…


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Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover

perms 2017

Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover

If you were born before the 80s, you most likely remember that women in that decade worshipped the volume and the intense hair curls. Having been born in 1988, I personally can not identify with this trend and my only “experience” is laughter and light mockery to my mum when I see her photos of that time.

But let’s probably get her “revenge”, since the perm returns dynamically in the year 2017, but -thank god- with a twist.

New decade, new look

In the unlikely case that you do not know what the perm is, let’s say that it’s the chemical / thermal treatment of the hair to create permanent curls. Julia Roberts, Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker and every other 80’s who respected herself had made perm, while ALL of the other girls wanted to dare it too.

With the advent of the 90’s, the trend was left behind, but now it is beginning to emerge again slowly. Do not be horrified, however, this year’s trend is much lower and the curls reminiscent of beach waves rather than tight “rings”.

Think Victoria’s Secret models with slightly more intense ripples – a look that you can achieve temporarily at home with the help of a curling iron and a pretty sea salt spray.

We will not lie, if the perm of 2017 means that we will look more like mermaids and less than 80’s Queens… then we are ready to dare it. Are you;