Don’t Call Demi A “Bad Girl” — She’s Just Speaking Out

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Don’t Call Demi A “Bad Girl”

Who is Demi

If you manage to get through the singer-songwriter’s army of Lovatics, the super fans who make up a sizeable and vocal part of her whopping 65 million Instagram followers, you would still have to get past her dogs and her full-time security guard, who all live with her in the Hollywood Hills.

Then, if you made it to Lovato herself, you would be up against a blue belt in jujitsu who’s also schooled in boxing and Muay Thai. Lovato has an excellent right hook, a fierce left uppercut, and a damn good roundhouse.

She needs nobody

“If I were in some sort of danger, I know I could easily break somebody’s arm or choke them out,” she says, barefoot in the ring at Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood. “I just feel like I can take care of myself.” That is really a very good advantage to being able to take care of herself.

However, I do not think she will ever be in a position where she will need any help to protect herself against anyone. Everybody loves and admire her!

Training Day

It’s a Monday morning in January, and she’s wearing heavy boxing gloves, having just finished a long combination of moves. Her trainer—a handsome Brazilian mixed-martial-arts fighter whose left ear hasn’t completely survived his past altercations—holds Lovato’s water bottle to her mouth for a brief moment of hydration. Then they start the routine all over again.

Speaking Out is a valuable armoury of useful and hard-won advice for girls and women on how to make their presence felt and voices heard in public. Every woman should be in the position of defending herself in case of an emergency. No one has the right to behave combatively, especially to women or girls who are supposed to be the weak.

…so, Don’t Call Demi A “Bad Girl”!

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