How to keep your rental car clean


How to keep your rental car clean

Are you planning your vacation in Santorini Santorini car rental and you are sceptical about renting a car? We know that sometimes a rental car is a huge responsibility and it might get you anxious but we have created a list of things that will help you keep your rental car clean.

If you have booked your vacation and you have second thoughts about the rental cars, do not worry. Our tips on how to keep your rental car clean will come to your rescue . If you will follow them you are going to drop off a spotless car which will look brand new.


1. Never eat or drink in the car

This one is quite obvious but we think that some people still need to be reminded about it. When you rent a car, they usually come right after a car wash. Some companies even vacuum, power wash and disinfect their cars with steam machines for hygiene reasons .

It is a pity to make your rental car dirty since the first day that you will have it delivered all because you wanted to eat Greek gyros and drink sodas in the car. In Santorini there are a lot of nice places to eat and there are a lot of choices. From Greek gyros and fresh fish to more gourmet dishes with extraordinary sides and wine.

You can find a variety of restaurants where you can sit and dine in, saving your rental car from a massive spil or sauce stain which will probably cost you more money when you drop it off.

2. If you have kids, organize your trip in a smart way

We know that travelling with kids can get a little messy sometimes. If your kids are young enough and hey cannot obey rules such as “do not spill your juice in the car” or “we can not colour with markers in the car”, there are alternatives. We have some propositions for you below.

You can use a plastic box to keep all the juice bottles and snacks so that they are not all over the car seats. You can get one for a ridiculous price at any local supermarket. You can also organise some other activities so that you will be able to avoid markers that can ruin the inside of the car.

A smart tip is to ask for a rental car with dark-coloured seats so that if you will have an accident it will be easier to clean up or even hide it if it is not completely cleaned. Please remember to keep their shoes off the car seats as it is neither sanitary or nice as a type of behaviour.

3. If you can not avoid food in the car, there are solutions

When you are travelling in Santorini with your children there is probably no way that you will avoid food in the car. They will get hungry as soon as you leave your hotel and get in the car, we know your struggles. There are some ways that you can make your road trips spill-free.

You can opt for snacks that are not juicy, have sauces or bright coloured fruit that can stain fabrics. The last thing you need is a grey car seat to be stained by a strawberry! You can choose fruit that do not require peeling  like a banana and snacks that are not going to get everywhere like a toast with only cheese.

Furthermore, you could just make a stop and eat out of the car if your road trip is longer than 2 hours. Of course you can drink water or any soda that cannot stain fabrics or you could simply use straws and spill-free cups.

4. Towels to the rescue

When visiting the beaches in Santorini you know that sand will get EVERYWHERE. It is a trait of the beaches there. No matter how many times you will get your feet washed, sand will manage to get in the rental car. If you will stay for many days, your car will look like it has been through a sandstorm by the time your vacation is over.


Let alone the water or sweat stains that can be left on a car seat. If you have gotten into your car right after visiting a beach, you might have noticed a white water mark on your seats. It is not difficult to remove as it is just salt water but when it comes to a rental car, you simply do not have the means to clean it as you are on vacation.

You can avoid that -at least until a certain point- by using towels. Pack an extra towel per person so that you can put it on your seat. This way you will limit the sand and the water stains on the seats of your rented car.

5. Cleaning kit

If you are a cleaning freak and you are sure that you are going to need to clean your rental car just because you feel like it, prepare a cleaning kit. Go to a local super market and get a carpet cleaner, a microfibre duster and a wind shield cleaner and you have a DIY cleaning kit.

You can also ask the car rental company for one as they might offer it to clients who rent a car for a longer time.

6. Keep a bottle of water in the trunk

As far as the sand or dirt on your feet and hands after a visit at the beach, there is a simple yet effective solution. You can keep a water bottle in your trunk so that you can clean your children’s feet (and your own of course) after your swim sessions. You can either dry them with a towel or wait a few minutes for the sun and the heat to dry them off for you.

7. Know when and if you need a car wash

If you are going to be careful and follow the tips mentioned above, you will probably not need to get the car in a car wash. Of course it is completely up to you and you can do it if you wish to.It is kind of a common sense thing though, as if you have stained the car or if the outside is too dirty or muddy, you might have to clean it up before delivering it back to the car rental company.


You can also ask the car rental company if they require a car wash, or read the contract to make sure if you need to return it cleaned or not.

Overview on how to keep your rental car clean

If you are going to follow our tips on how to keep your rental car clean, we are certain that you will not face any problems with the car rental company. You will enjoy your trip and at the same time save money as you will not have to pay to have your car cleaned.

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