How to look thinner with styling


Look leaner without diet and without exercise, just with some timeless tips on how to choose clothes – γυναικεία ρούχα –  that flatter you.

By choosing the right clothes you can look at the moment thinner and taller – regardless of what your actual weight and height is. Just follow these easy tips:

Prefer V-neck t-shirts

There is no better way to make your torso look narrower than if you wear a vertical neckline. The smile and the round neckline show your shoulders even wider and your torso wider, while a T-shirt or sweater with V lengthens you visually and gives the feeling of extra height.

Tip: If you have fuller arms, choose tops and shirts with three-quarter sleeves.

Choose the right underwear

There is a word for the immediate sculpting of your body and that is the elastic. Celebrities know the benefits of wearing rubber bands. Find the right underwear for your body type and you can look up to 5 kilos thinner. If you do not want to wear elastic, choose carefully the right size of underwear – with a very good fit and especially for the bra, the one that fits perfectly to your chest and your waist.

The ideal bra can work wonders for your upper body. Most women wear very small or very large bras and the result is not flattering at all. So be very careful in your choice.

Wear high heels and platforms

If your legs look longer and thinner then the rest of your body will look the same. Achieve this illusion by wearing high heels or platforms. Better to avoid straight, laced sandals and shoes that tie at the ankle.

For even longer legs, choose nude colors. Shoes that match your skin tone make your feet look great and go perfectly with any other color. That’s why celebrities love them just as much as their rubber bands!

Choose a dress with a vertical print

Make sure there is always a printed dress in your closet with a V neckline and a dark background color, such as black, brown, blue or crimson which will highlight the print. Vertical prints make your body look slimmer than it really is. As for the line, preferdone in line A which is flattering for every body type. Cruise dresses are also a great choice.

Wear total black or another monochrome

We all know that black is the best color for a slimming effect. If you love black do not hesitate to wear it from top to toenails and you can hide the extra pounds in no time. But if you do not feel so comfortable with total black, try another (preferably dark) color and make a monochrome look. Try shades like blue-purple, dark gray, brown, dark purple, etc. Choose a maximum of three tones and play with the shades of the clothes instead of the colors.

Tip: If you want to add color better do it with your shoes or bag, which can be in a bright color.

Add belt and long necklace

The belt is a necessary accessory to emphasize your silhouette. Prefer a fairly wide – the rule is that the wider the belt the thinner you will look. The dark belts also give the impression of a slimmer waist. If you do not like belts there is another way to make your torso look slimer and that is wearing long, impressive necklaces.

Tip: Wear them over a top, light colored or in a bright color, and the result will be amazing!

Find the “right” skirt

The pencil and trumpet skirt skirts (which open slightly at the end) are the most flattering which, combined with the right top and shoes, will make you look up to 5 kilos thinner. preferred to have lycra in their composition so that they sit properly on the hips.

Tip: If you do not like the pencil line, choose a skirt A up to the knee.

The slimming jeans

Boot cut, in a straight line, dark color and with pockets without bold embellishments – this is what you are looking for when buying jeans. Avoid too low media but also excessive details such as buttons, colorful stones, labels.

Tip: Check the pockets on the back: if they are sewn close together they will make your circumference look smaller.

Layer with long cardigans and jackets

A long cardigan that will reach your hips will make your torso look longer. Waist length will simply shorten your body and when you try to look slimmer this is a look that does not flatter you. Wear long cardigans over dresses, pants, jeans, skirts. They will look great and in addition will keep you warm.

You can try wearing a jacket in a straight line that will look so beautiful over a V-neck top and dark jeans. If you wear it open, you can look 5 kilos thinner at the moment.

Tip: When it is very cold, choose a coat with an open and low collar.

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