I’m As Baffled As You Are by Heeled Flip Flops

I'm As Baffled As You Are by Heeled Flip Flops

A lot of divisive sandals have become mainstream this summer, such as velcro Tevas and low wedge sandals, however the one that I really struggle to get my head around is heeled flip flops. Scandi influencers have been wearing colourful Havaiana flip flops with floral midi dresses for several years, turning them from a beach staple into a surprising fashion buy. However this year designers like Simon Miller, Cult Gaia and Gianvito Rossi have taken this one step further and created a flip flop and stiletto hybrid. They have the classic strap falling in between the big toe and second toe that you’d expect from a flip flop, but then have a mini heel, often with a curve making them look even edgier. Like any divisive trend, the fashion crowd has got behind these upgraded flip flops—what is more surprising however is how quickly these are selling out. It was a challenge for me to find heeled flip flops that are actually still in stock. 

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