Locating plumbing blockages

Locating plumbing blockages

Locating plumbing blockages

Methods of locating plumbing blockages

In medicine, if you want to know about the flow of food through the intestinal tract you feed the patient a Barium Meal and X-ray them.

Is there any way to achieve a similar sort of result indicating your sewer traces are blocked? I have a blockage in some drains and I have access to most of the pipework, but I can’t immediately tell WHERE the blockage is.

It would be lovely if I could get out by trusty X-Ray scanner app on my iPhone and just look inside the pipes … but that doesn’t exist.

Only skilled plumbing specialist like ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ in Athens, Greece can detect / trace the flow of water from the plug hole to the main sewer entrance.

Is Your Sewer Line Blocked?

How do you inform if your sewer traces are blocked? Is this issue far more common than one rest room or drain? If your neighbours are also battling with this concern, it’s a problem with the sewer traces at the street and it is one thing your municipality will address. If it’s minimal to 1 fixture or just your specific house, then you’ll have to deal with the issue.

Is drinking water backing up through the drains?

No matter whether the water won’t drain from the sink or dishwasher or water is coming up by way of the basement, this is signal that the drainage or sewer traces are blocked.

Is there a gurgling audio coming from your drains?

You know how your sink or tub typically appears when it’s draining. If there are unusual gurgling noises, this may possibly indicate a sewer line blockage.

Is water draining slowly from fixtures?

You may possibly not discover a drain that is partially blocked and drains slowly more than time, but a total and sudden sewer line blockage will be conveniently obvious.
And 1 clear sign is the scent. Blocked sewer strains will often go away a undesirable smell in your basement.

What To Do If Your Sewer Line Is Blocked

It is critical to get skilled aid in these situations as there are more effective and high-tech, non-invasive methods accessible to obvious blockages. A sewer line blockage does not necessarily imply having to split up concrete or dig up your property.

Avoid flushing the rest room or operating the dishwasher or washing equipment – everything that will dump a huge quantity of water into the sewer strains will only result in much more troubles. Including far more water to a blockage is lie incorporating a lot more gas to a fireplace.

Flip off the water. Every bathroom and sink has a shut-off valve and there is a single to shut off the water to the whole home. Consider appropriate action speedily as this will avert the issue from receiving even worse.

Why Sewer Lines Get Blocked

More than time, silt, dust and particles can create up in the pipes and they require to be cleaned out. This problem can usually develop a slow reduction of drainage as opposed to a unexpected blockage. Tree roots can typically harm and clog pipes. If attainable, plant new trees away from sewer traces but that tips isn’t notably beneficial in hindsight for more mature trees and houses. There are techniques to very clear the roots without damaging or digging up the pipes, but the tree may not fare as properly. Again, this type of job is best left to an experienced professional.

Just as grime and debris can block a sewer line, so can cooking oil and grease when poured down sinks. If sufficient grease is place into the sewer lines in a brief time period of time, it can cause a sudden blockage. This might also be a dilemma that might take months or a long time to develop a blockage.

Flushing non-biodegradable items down the bathroom is quite widespread. This could include, but is not restricted to: some baby wipes, diapers, cat litter, or certain female cleanliness goods. These merchandise can trigger unexpected blockages and can be difficult to clear.

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