Meet Jo Jo, Body Positive Model and Cousin of Gigi

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Jo Jo hit fame at the age of 13 with her hit single Leave “Get Out” – making her the youngest solo artist to ever have a number-one single in the USA.

After that she continued the classic path, releasing another youth catchy single “Too Little Too  Late“, in 2006.

But after that– silence.

In spite of her songs which continued to sell well, suddenly, at the age of 15, Jo Jo disappeared.

Her followers didn’t have a clue why this happened – she was said to be on track to become a Miley Cyrus, or at least an Iggy Azalea – but instead of that… the young singer disappeared.

After an absent of 10 years, Jo Jo is back and the cause of her absence has been revealed: she was stuck in a record deal for seven years.

Seven years ago…

She confided that she got into a contract as a legitimate child when she was 12 years old. She thinks that nobody should be held to a contract for so many years especially at the age of 12.

Jo Jo, being now 27, had signed an album contract with Blackground records and produced two well-known albums with them.

But when it came to release her 3rd album, their relationships had disintegrated and although she submitted multiple albums’ worth of material, none were taken further.

Now, the singer has signed with Atlantic Records, and is ready to release her 3rd album later this year. She is happy that people take her as a woman and not as the 15-year-old youngster, most people remember her as.

Jo Jo, Body Positive

She sometimes feels sexual, sometimes gross, sometimes cool…

She says that her curves can’t be hidden but she is grown-up now and feels more comfortable with who she is.

Her legal battle has not yet finished and she is not completely free of her contract…

Since then, however, Jo Jo has learned, through the hard way, that her worth is so much more than any number put on the scale — and that there’s no point in trying to fit to anyone else’s definition of perfect.

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