New Beauty and Wellness Line Prima, by Honest Company Veterans, Aims to Rebrand CBD

New Beauty and Wellness Line Prima, by Honest Company Veterans, Aims to Rebrand CBD

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I receive an average of three PR emails per day that include the acronym CBD, and I’m sure many of you who don’t write about beauty and wellness as part of your job have also found those three letters to be pretty inescapable of late. The self-care boom, combined with the recent legalization of industrial hemp farming in the United States, and growing cultural interest in all things cannabis, have coincided to make the non-psychoactive, cannabis-derived chemical compound the trendiest ingredient to hit the beauty and wellness space in recent memory. The substance, believed by researchers to be capable of helping with everything from anxiety to skin inflammation to epilepsy, can be found in everything from tinctures and vape pens, to lattes and seltzers, to massage oils and face serums. It’s expected to surpass $20 billion in U.S. sales by 2024.

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Rather than a wealth of great options for consumers, this explosion — which experts say has only just begun — has really only created more confusion around what CBD does, if anything, and whether or not it really belongs in every single thing we consume or put on our skin.

Launching Wednesday, Prima is a new CBD company that aims to take away some of that confusion, along with several of our modern-day physical and mental ailments. It’s starting with three products: a daily supplement, a nighttime face oil and a therapeutic skin butter, that will soon expand into a range of other treatments. The company stands out in today’s crowded CBD landscape for a few reasons: One is its founders: There’s CEO Christopher Gavigan, who co-founded The Honest Company with Jessica Alba; COO and fellow Honest Company alumna Laurel Angelica Meyers; and Chief Education Officer Jessica Assaf, a health and cannabis activist, Harvard Business School alumna and longtime advocate for clean products. 

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