So Short Girl with bag (Γυναικεία Τσάντα) in Fashion has always been based on the obvious. The small girl. The actual smallest girl in my year – I know this because when they lined us up on our photo day in year 11, I was right at the end. Being short has its pros and cons. But today, I’m feeling like a positive-prin whilst writing this on my lunch in work.

I was never going to be tall. My gorgeous parental’s are small too, so the genes were never there for me to have long legs like a gazelle. My middle sister – there’s 3 of us – is the tallest, and her body to legs ratio makes me SUPER jealous. She has the legs of the family. Me and the oldest sis, we’re just tiny and always will be. But getting this list together was surprisingly easy for me…

Over the years I’ve loved and hated being “the small one” – but more often than not, it’s been positive. And I want to share with you WHY I think being a petite gal is a trait that I can be proud of… I mean I’m going to have to face up to it – I ain’t changing any time soon!


1. Most boys are taller than you

This is true. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years, and yes I’m only 22. Gasp, do whatever – but we’re still together guys! And he is WELL taller than me, and that’s one thing that I love! Being small means your fella is more than likely going to be taller. Being a tall girl, and a small lad… okay, it works for some people and sorry to offend – but that ain’t for me.

2. You can buy kids trainees

I have bought Converse, Nike, Adidas – you name it. All around half the price of the adults because I have itty-bitty feet that match my small body. I always get, “Ahhh your feet are tiny!” But I don’t think huge clown feet would suit me, do you? The same goes with my bags! I prefer backpacks and not big handbags.

3. Lots of leg room and get comfy in small spaces

When I go on holiday with the family, or driving and I’m the passenger, curling up in a ball is always my favourite thing. I can get comfy in some of the most bizarre positions, while people with longs legs argue with their limbs.

4. You look younger – which will always work better when you’re thrifty at fifty

How many times have I been stopped going into town… too many to count. But this young face of mine is going to look young even when I’m older. I might hate it now – YES I’M 22 – but when I’m 50, by GOD I’m going to look a right sight better. So this is my response when people do a shocked face at my age – “Well, when you’ve got wrinkles, I’ll still have my baby face” … along with a smug smile that usually changes the topic.

5. You can wear heels and still not be taller than your fella

I know this is sort of mentioned above, but this is a different matter. Some girls are happy because every day, they are right height ratio in a couple. Bravo! BUT, when it comes to a night out and you’ve gotta’ decide whether to wear your platforms or not, it’s a decision that needs to be made for two people. I don’t have that problem!


6. Cute by default

It’s just a given. And you can get away with MURDER, especially being the youngest and the smallest in my family. Winning!

7. Can be lazy and get people to grab things off tall shelves

I worked in a shop that was quite tall, so when those bags (Γυναικεία Τσάντα) needed filling up and the cards needed a quick shuffle, there would always be friendly chap or gal to help me with the short girl problems. But this makes me happy, thanks guys!

8. Last to know when it rains

It’s just a cute one. Last to know when it rains, and can easily fit under an umbrella with whoever is holding it. It’s the little things!

9. Hair to height ratio means longer hair

It’s just science!!! Small body, and short hair looks longer on me, just because I’m on the petite side of life. It’s logic!

10. A memorable trait

A memorable trait that my friends and family know me for. I’m the little one of the group, that stands at the end in photos because it just doesn’t work with my friends with me floating about in the middle. It’s something that comes and goes as good and bad – but today, being the Short Girl with the Bag (Γυναικεία Τσάντα) in Fashion makes me happy!

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