What to Do While You Wait for Plumbing Emergency Service


What to Do While You Wait for Plumbing Emergency Service

Plumbing emergencies happen, and usually at the most inconvenient and expensive times.

When a plumbing disaster happens after business hours or on a weekend, the temptation is great to wait till Monday morning and avoid the after-hour surcharge. Plumbers (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ) provide 24hours plumbing emergency service, but the company understand that sometimes it’s just not practical to get a plumber there immediately.

Depending on your plumbing emergency, you may be able to do some emergency intervention to keep things from getting much worse while you wait. Whether your emergency is a clogged toilet, a slow drain or broken pipes gushing water in your basement, there are some things you can and should do while you wait for the plumber to arrive.

 Stop the Flow

The most pressing emergency most homeowners face is a broken pipe filling your basement, kitchen or bathroom with water. If you suddenly have cascades of water pouring down from your ceiling or out from under your sink, the first order of business is to stop the flow, says the pros plumber.

The plumbing service recommends that you try to visually locate the leak, then track the pipe back to the closest shut off valve. It may be behind the toilet, under the sink or located close to places where pipes branch off in your basement or wall access. Turn it clockwise to turn off the flow of water into the leaking pipe. A word of warning – if it doesn’t turn easily, don’t force it. Instead, try a shut-off valve further along the line.

 Put a Bucket Under It

If the problem is a slow leak at a faucet or pipe joint, but the drain is flowing well, you can probably get by with a bucket or basin directly under the leaky joint. Limit your use of the drain, or of the water source that draws from the leaky pipe to avoid worsening the leak.

If you can do without it entirely until the plumber arrives, find the closest shut-off valve and shut it off. A slow drip can usually wait over the weekend, but don’t delay any longer than that, say the Fort Worth plumbing emergency service, or you could find yourself with a major emergency at an even worse time.

 Ask for Advice

While no plumber will even attempt to diagnose your plumbing emergency over the telephone, most will advise you on common emergency measures you can take while you wait for the cavalry to arrive.

When you call plumbing emergency service, explain your situation clearly and ask what you can do to limit the damage until the plumber arrives.

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