How can I update the nameservers on my domain?


How can I update the nameservers on my domain?

To link a domain name to a web hosting package and display site content when someone visits it, you must update the domain name with the nameservers of the hosting package.

If you registered the domain name from MyIP at the same time as purchasing a hosting package, the nameservers are updated automatically.

If the domain name belongs to another register and you have the hosting package in MyIP, you will use the nameservers values ​​you received in the hosting activation email to enter them in your domain name, through your register panel.

If you have purchased the domain from MyIP, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the MyIP Panel.
  2. In the My Services category you will find the domain names that you have registered from MyIP. Below each domain you will find the Nameservers link. Select it to go to the nameservers update page.
  3. Enter the nameservers values ​​in the corresponding fields and click Save. That’s it!

The nameservers can be found in the Web Hosting Activation Email :: Management Information either through the administration environment in the DNS settings option and then locate the values ​​corresponding to the two NS records.

Once you change the nameservers to a domain name it takes a few hours (propagation) for your page to start opening online from the new server. This period of time is needed for ISPs (internet service providers) to update the registrations on their routers.

Once you have entered the nameservers of MyIP in the domain and after the propagation time is completed, you can confirm that the process was done correctly by doing a WHOis search.

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